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Queen Elizabeth


SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

Queen Elizabeth was & will always be regarded as a Leader who gained the respect of as many People, universally, as could be possible.

By living up to Virtues, that are not easy for any Nations, businesses, & people to simply uphold, continuously. The Queen did that by treating & respecting others as if they were more important: She put the needs of others before her own.

A simple Life Lesson in a very complex world.

As with every Nation, Leaders tend to work hard to earn respect & Queen Elizabeth did that for most of our generation's lives.

During King George VI, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, & Queen Elizabeth's reign, from 1936 through 2022, the world has seen a Renaissance of Intelligence that is beyond what any other generation had.

The World persevered through World Wars, Major, awful conflicts & time & again found peace: Time & time again via a group of calm, wise Leaders, like Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Wisdom, like that of the Leaders who strive for excellence, lives on eternally.

George Washington Was A Cousin Of The Queen Mother [Queen Elizabeth's Mother]

The Queen Mother was a 7th great granddaughter of Augustine Warner II & his wife Mildred Reade [who is believed to have been a 10th great granddaughter of King Edward III].

Augustine & Mildred [Reade] Warner were also the 1st United States President's great-grandparents.

"[Augustine Warner II's] daughter Mildred was the grandmother of Washington, while his daughter Mary was an ancestor of the Queen's mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon"-- Wikipedia Augustine Warner, Common Ancestor of George Washington & Queen Elizabeth

While Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother was a not-so-distant cousin of George Washington, Queen Elizabeth II's father George VI, center of the photo above titled "Four Kings, 1908" was the grandson of His Majesty King Edward VII [pictured far right in photo above, with HRH George VI's father & brother.]

King Edward VII's mother was HRH Queen Victoria, granddaughter of King George III.

King George III's reign was from 1760 - 1820, and included the American Revolution. King George II died in 1760 when his grandson King George III was 22 years old.

Though they battled fiercely in the 1700s, the Americans & British not only found some peace, their descendants married.

Queen Elizabeth: A Royal Lesson In Leadership

The fact is History is not what many people would call: "Politically Correct." However, the smart & good people can use the lessons from history to forge a more perfect future.

To hopefully bring about a better level of Intelligence & Standard of Living for everyone: From the Wealthy to the Poor, from the Royals to the Labor, Retirees & everyone. To hopefully one day eliminate inhumane standards of living across the world, such as America's Mass Incarceration & China's slavery of the Uygher People, both forms of forced labor that are accompanied by inhumane treatment.

As far as Standard of Living it's not just 1 place or the other, obviously those so-called "Businesses" of Mass Incarceration & Slavery are not right anywhere. One day the lessons of the Good Leaders, like Queen Elizabeth, can raise the level of all people, whereas today basic rights are not prioritized universally.

Every level of humanity is weaker because of that phenomenon of lack of standard, whereby in America some states have "School to Prison Pipelines" & China enslaves people based on ethnicity to use for slave labor, in both cases.

Lo & behold they are not cybersecure, at all, in their corrupt businesses that the Leaders can not control.

Those misuses of public offices are very difficult for even the best Leaders to solve, due to money [profit from forced labor, that easily could be generated without slave labor if those groups used a more intelligent business model] & also foreign influence that seeks to use such operations against the Nations that use them, simply to harm them by causing them to harm themselves.

As with any institution that works to advance actual good causes, it is possible for the best strategies, the best philanthropy, the best intelligent practices to rise to the top.

Queen Elizabeth did so much for so many, and literally treated people like they were more imortant than herself. That Leadership will not only be remembered, the good causes that the Queen & the Royals have stood for, are better thanks to that genuine, good thoughtfulness.

Hopefully United Kingdom Will Continue To Defend Against COVID. In Honor of Queen Elizabeth, and Everyone.

For whatever reason, not only for the past 3 years, for over 160 years, history has documented the misuse of viruses. Currently there may be a mix of negligence, malintent & cybersecurity deficiencies in that regard.

The World owes it to everyone to fight & stand for longevity & the ability to cure every disease for every person, any where, any time. There is actually a line of propaganda that tries to advertise against longevity: They try to convince politicians in America that older people "don't contribute to society."

As a matter of global & national security, hopefully the prevention of Gain of Function viruses will be a continuous 24/7 priority for the future. The level of excellence for the top classes is not as strong as it should be, because of dysfunction on that subject.

Medicine, & Public Health literally can not cure the wealthy, because those diseases are not treated in the population based on money. So, the data that could have been obtained about variuos diseases, is not obtained: As older & poorer people are refused medical treatment per the lobbying of for-profit-health-groups, that are only concerned with their own profit.

Basically, some science research group is believed to have added: Furin Cleavage to SARS Coronavirus. Many scientists believe there is a likelihood that Gain of Function Virus was released "accidentally" from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, possibly as the result of a cybersecurity dysfunction. Furin is a very important "protein convertase."

It simply does not appear that the Gain of Function work done in Wuhan, China was secure, including cybersecure 24/7.

Microsoft has a good set of educational pages on the subject of Zero Trust Security. One branch of Computer Science, Blockchain such as Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, Cardano use Trustless Technology & are integrated into some Zero Trust, to provide a digital value system to important Computer Science tasks.

Where some other types of security try to detect an inconsistency, Zero Trust presumes 24/7 that security, like cybersecurity is potentially being interfered with, in order to defend.

All should be defended from Public Health Hazards, for the future, better.

Predictive Analytics, machine learning, big data can rather easily defend everyone from infections, however in general that tech isn't as strong as it should be. With diseases that are asymptomatic like COVID it's imperative to advance that field. Have simple, effective advisories when conditions are more likely to cause severe infections: Until those diseases weaken & are cured.

For instance some medical research has found that Furin increases in the presence of certain environmental factors. That can potentially cause an increase in SARS-CoV-2 viral load & is something that intelligent scheduling & intelligent air flow could defend people from, with precision. However as of now some of that life saving intelligence is lacking. Tech can help to solve that gap, to protect public health.

The Royals have pushed for a better standard of Health & Medicine [by supporting institutions like Cancer Research United Kingdom @CR_UK, & all the other leading institutions.]

The medical science is very, very tough: However can be accomplished.

Part of that is preventing exposure to the pathogens. Now Modern Tech has the power to do it for everyone & hopefully that will happen sooner than later, in the times of the Gain of Function COVID.

Queen Elizabeth's work lifted up everyone, as best as any, whether a Royal or not could have. Like any Leader, good Leader that is, there is an appreciation for the fact that intelligence doesn't just happen.

Intelligence results from learning.

Perhaps simply because of Popular Culture & the Media, the World was close & familiar with Queen Elizabeth II's Causes.

For instance the famous Popular Artist Andy Warhol painted a portrait of Queen Elizabeth. The Queen strengthened international politics, by using principles of quality: It's not easy to attain the respect of so many People across the World; Queen Elizabeth did & stood for good will towards People.

So, while the British are well aware of their Popular News, the Queen gained the respect of most walks of life. Known for being a truly virtuous Leader.

There's a belief that in particular Queen Elizabeth worked to try to raise the standards for everyone.

That lesson in Leadership & wisdom will live on.


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