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NOVEMBER 3, 2018

Will Amazon Learn From Berkshire Hathaway & Eli Lilly's Mistaken Choice Of Locations?


According to Omaha, Nebraska local news a 21 year old was shot in the neck by a city officer, after being pulled over, after a controlled marijuana buy.

The bullet lodged in his neck and doctors said they could not remove it. After being treated the 21 year old is reported to have been taken to a jail near Omaha, in Douglas County, and was denied Ibuprofen for days, being held on a $1 Million dollar bond, because the officer was dragged.

The officer says he was dragged by the young man's vehicle, while the young man says he stated he wanted to call a lawyer and reached for his phone, and was shot, then began to drive to avoid being shot again.

Though Omaha city officials say they have video, they only released still frames, and said the use of deadly force was justified.

From both sides reported sequence of events including an audio interview with the 21 year old, the altercation, causes investors to wonder what the future for families in the long-term in Nebraska is. In 2017 the same Omaha law enforcement department fired the Chief, who newspapers reported worked along side the employee who shot the 21 year old -- over larger quantity marijuana offenses in the 1990s.

The Chief was fired by Nebraska's governor in 2017 after the female employees in Omaha said they were made to get invasive pelvic & bottom examinations that they termed "sexually invasive," supposedly to check for hernia, where the male recruits & employees were not. Additionally there were complaints of the Chief interfering with use of force internal reviews.

Overall it sounds like Omaha and Rural Nebraska are placing priority on increasing revenue, instead of intelligently addressing very low level issues. The 21 year old motorist, in addition to allegedly selling marijuana had a fight with a girlfriend, however reportedly the woman asked that the 21 year old not be charged. According to news this 21 year old Native American resident of Nebraska will have a bullet lodged in his neck for the rest of his life, and it is simply not clear why: If there had just been a controlled marijuana buy, why it was necessary to proceed with a traffic stop.

Additionally recently the founder and CEO of the multi-billion dollar auto insurer Progressive wrote an open letter to Warren Buffett and major philanthropists like Bill Gates, explaining that he uses marijuana regularly, in an effort to try to get the plant legalized again. Indianapolis just stalled their city council's discussion on repeated legislative efforts introduced to legalize medical marijuana after prosecutors took to the floor of their Statehouse in favor of legalizing, only to be countered by two people against legalizing marijuana, one on the city's payroll benefiting from the plant not being legal. Indianapolis regularly beats motorists up, permanently injures them, and tasers them over marijuana, while their traffic officers sell cocaine and receive zero day sentences.

21 Year Old Shot In the Neck Over Marijuana In Omaha, Nebraska

In Indianapolis a 16 year old, was shot and killed, with his hands cuffed behind his back, by city officers. There is a propensity in some places for additional revenue to be raised for low level non-violent offenses as well as complete non-offenses to be the basis for physical violence against citizens.

An Air Force officer in Indianapolis was recently beaten unconscious by traffic officers, dragged and beaten more over an argument in a bar, where both the Air Force officer and traffic officers were intoxicated. A USMC veteran was shot an killed by a traffic officer after a gesture, a pat, towards a traffic officer's companion in Maryland, where the traffic officer's defense attorney claimed his client had to activate his traffic officer powers in the moment and had to kill the veteran over the flirtatious gesture, somewhat ridiculously.

The fact, objectively, is cities and counties make an already tough job harder for the vast majority of law abiding citizens & town employees by pressuring employees to raise money, implementing a quota system, and expecting average citizens to be rounded up over infractions like not using turn signals, jay walking, having personal quantities of recreational drugs that were legal for hundreds of years and sold over-the-counter to Americans, only then to be restricted: Where descendants of people who used cocaine tooth drops, cocaine Coca-Cola, Methamphetamine for weight loss or through U.S. military service (where pilots were given Go-Pills of amphetamines) and marijuana are predisposed to favoring those substances for things like pain relief, staying awake (to mine coal) and relaxation, going back to the American Revolution and well before.

Whereas in states where marijuana is illegal, it is used all the time however no one knows how it was produced, what strain it is, what could have been intentionally added or unintentionally contaminated: The states that legalize bring in taxes and have the ability to create regulations and a standard. Additionally they keep their citizens and employees out of harm's way of situations like the 21 year old allegedly trying to drive away after being shot in the neck, and shot repeatedly... over less than one marijuana plant.

In Indiana traffic officers who are sued by county court workers after reportedly barging into their homes with guns drawn, because their family reportedly had 1 marijuana joint; proceed to stay on the job, and break families up over less than traffic infractions: VIN number checks where they either smell marijuana or believe the motorist could have the metabolite. They take those African American couples' families away to the Indiana county detention centers where their own employees are reported to be very abusive, to both the motorists and their families. All the while lethal Fentanyl causes, literally countless deaths across the nation, while counties make a fortune over marijuana offenses -- in the neighborhood of the fortune that the states that legalize marijuana make, by taxing it. Both fortunes are valuable, one causes 21 year olds to get shot in the neck and live the rest of their lives with bullets lodged in their spines.

In Cleveland, Ohio a 12 year old was shot & killed, because he had a toy that resembled a gun. However, afterwards criticism included training academy records that reported that the instructor did not believe that city officer was qualified enough to handle a gun.

In Louisiana a pilot, was pulled over, raised his hands and officers reportedly shot into his car killing his 6 year old son.

Towns and cities receive all sorts of funds, and raise money by issuing bonds for projects, they receive federal dollars, sales and property taxes. However, often the financial situation, and those in charge make concerted efforts to raise even more money through fines, that in some places turn into a daily, heavy handed system of treating people very poorly. In order to issue tickets that become more and more costly each year.

In Indiana a college professor complained for being stopped for crossing the road, on foot, allegedly jay walking. In Texas Sandra Bland didn't use her turn signal, allegedly after leaving a job interview at her alma mater, she was pulled from her vehicle and she claimed felt her arm was fractured during a violent detainment. She then was found dead in a cell, over not using a turn signal.

In Michigan 17 year old Deven Guilford flashed his brights at an oncoming vehicle because he thought the brights were on. It was a new Ford SUV that according to user reviews set the angle of their head light at an illegal angle. The traffic officer had pulled 3 people over that night for flashing their brights. However, video from the incident shows him order Deven out of the vehicle, to lay on the shoulder of the highway. The traffic officer gets on top of the driver, however instead of cuffing him he pulls out his taser, to tase the complying motorist. An argument follows and the motorist was then shot multiple times and killed. Afterwards that town in Michigan near East Lansing claimed they ran a test on the deceased 17 year old: They found the marijuana metabolite. The town actually tried to justify taking his life, over flashing his brights because supposedly sometime in the previous month he may have had marijuana.

Obviously the job of running a town or city is not easy, however, instead of facilitating prosperity there are some locations that treat random people like little or nothing more than another mug shot, that can generate thousands of dollars in fines, legal fees and reimbursements from the state.

Nebraska is a state with less than 2 million people, however some county's Twitter channels show numerous felonies imposed on residents for what are reported to be lesser infractions of the law. Though this is only based on available news articles, Nebraska county Twitter feeds couple people charged with serious, violent offenses with people whose conduct is within the realm of American legal doctrine from state to state.

One added observation that applies to states that tend to have reports of constant poverty, and regular felonies, and centuries of prison being ordered every year over low level infractions of the law, is the equivalent conduct by the very same state workers. In some instances it appears that some of the conduct could be linked to less than obvious causes, such as farm pollution & pollution in general. Where chemicals and even hormones from farm livestock has been researched and linked to various effects -- however, instead of figuring out a way to properly and continuously filter the air, ground and water to protect communities more often than not some politicians work to fight in favor of the pollution. Because it would cost money to implement filtration.

Where Should Companies With Human Employees & Families Go? Places Where People Are Treated Like Garbage Or Places Where People Are Not Treated Like Garbage?

Coincidentally local county councils and town councils, that routinely hand down centuries of prison for things like driving while suspended, having the marijuana metabolite, methamphetamine and cocaine and consensual relationships between people who are of the age of consent, benefit enormously from fines, legal fees and reimbursement from the state. Where in Indiana city employees have been given 0 day sentences for dealing cocaine. While average residents received decades in prison from attorneys who tell NYTimes reporters they enjoy ordering as long sentences as they can for the same infractions of the law the state employees do, with no repercussion comparatively.

It would be impossible to recommend a business with people and families to reside in part of Nebraska, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, California, New York, Florida, North Dakota states with horrible examples of constant mass incarceration, and the use of mass incarceration for voter suppression. In Indiana politicians go to the nursing homes, while news reports the families of the nursing home residents are dragged through the court system, roughly, over what are reported to be the tiniest infractions of the law. Things like not using a turn signal, the focus of a recent lawsuit by a motorist who is also a law professor, who was arrested with his wife for failing to signal.

All the while, news continues to report actual serous crime that in some places seems to be part of a cycle of violence that can and should be handled intelligently. The most generous philanthropists in history did not hope to provide funds so that wealthy families could paste golden wallpaper in their bathrooms. They fairly universally articulate very, very clearly that they hope to raise the bar of excellence, provide for the disadvantaged, and try to pull the impoverished out of poverty, and create a better and better standard of living. Not shoot 21 year olds in the neck over alleged marijuana metabolite.

The fact of the matter is the vast majority of the people, residents, immigrants, state & town employees are good and hope for a prosperous future. However, the municipal financial reality causes some areas to basically ransack the citizenry and their families for more funds. In Alabama a sheriff took funds that were provided for food for their jail and bought a beach home in Florida according to the news. In Indiana and Nebraska multitudes of people are stripped of their right to vote over non-violent things like marijuana, and things that are actually legal according to laws on the books. However judges actually tell courtrooms filled with people dragged in over things like .04 BAC where .08 is the illegal limit, that "You don't need lawyers."

That is the future of the Eli Lilly families and Berkshire Hathaway families in Indiana and Nebraska based on those states' current news. A disregard for constitutional rights in favor of a system that treats people poorly, does not facilitate prosperity; however does remove voting rights permanently, causes permanent health issues (like bullets lodged in necks, contracting disease from jails that are so unsanitary that some motorists die after one day in the jail) and coincidentally brings about a ton of extra revenue that can be easily pocketed.

It seems that corrupt municipal governments tend to favor and defend revenue generating schemes that are not technically lawful. In the name of the state, in order to raise even more money. Because, apparently being able to tax, print up money, and borrow is not enough.

Disclaimer: This article is not a recommendation to buy or sell. Please consult a qualified financial adviser to determine proper allocations, if any to investments.


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