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NOVEMBER 17, 2018

G.E.: Trump's Great-Again-Time Isn't Tapping American Ingenuity


General Electric (GE) recently effectively eliminated its historic dividend. When a company reduces its dividend it is generally a sign the leadership has not exercised a sound strategy and the economy has not been favorable. The elimination of dividend is a maneuver that can be irreparable, while sometimes the company rebounds.

The upward moves in General Electric's dividend were possibly "too hopeful" or gave the appearance of optimism.

Particularly with G.E. the company sure could have used an Office of Ingenuity with a focus on product design and optimization of the company's force and invention. An office that could have internally pointed the one-time giant to authentic growth & profitability.

Trump Era politics are doubtlessly causing weakness for companies like General Electric. Instead of tapping the ability of such companies, through contracts to solve truly important realities the Trump Admin seems busy putting on a show. Where political promises are touted, and the reality remains far too many people can not receive quality care for conditions that are curable -- let alone the conditions that are not.

GE Health Tweet For #PrematurityAwarenessMonth

A company like GE has the power to keep babies alive, (per the tweet from @GEHealthcare) as well be part of the effort, like March of Dimes to work towards health.

While GEHealth is simply one branch of the company, really it is clear that some of GE's efforts are invaluable. Data from GE tech can be used to prevent conditions as well, GE, had they had an Office of Ingenuity should have been able to profit from preventing disease and saving lives -- though, still it may not have been enough if the rest of the company can't turn a profit.

General Electric Company is focused on energy, and manufacture that has itself caused a lot of pollution.

The company made a solar effort, however historically solar energy while intelligent, has not found a financial formula that produces growth -- until perhaps Tesla's acquisition of Solar City (a company Elon Musk was closely connected to.)

GE (market cap $70 billion) has nothing on Tesla (market cap $60 billion) currently, which is surprising.

G.E. In The Trump Era / Compared To Medtronic. It's All About The Leadership!

The founder of Medtronic (MDT) Earl Bakken passed away recently:

Medtronic Tweets In Honor of Their Founder: Earl Bakken, Who Invented An Early Pacemaker

Medtronic honored Mr. Bakken with a series of tweets, with quotes from him like:

"A pioneer has to take risks at times. Most of the time if you do it right -- and do it carefully with all the studies -- you can make it happen."

Fortunately Medtronic, now a more valuable company that General Electric did not overextend & hopefully never experiences leadership selling parts piece by piece to cover many real burdensome expenses -- that compose the overall field of: Financial toxicity.

Financial toxicity appars to result from lack of collective bargaining and prioritization (of both growth & public health.) From the U.S. Treasury on down to the General Electric Treasury (where major corporations have their own treasury offices usually.) Financial Toxicity: The draining of people's funds so they are poorer affects the work force and retired work force.

It's ironic that the hardware that can save lives is too expensive for people who are poor. When many are poor because of dysfunctional representation.

For many people a General Electric CT scan, or other medical device or procedure is unaffordable. Though the technology belongs to companies that can not afford to turn down business. Except for the insurance game designed by health insurance businesses -- that raises insurance premiums exponentially each year, then consistently works to try to shake customers off their service, because the cost of healthcare makes health insurance customers potentially costly -- because: Financial toxicity, through and through.

G.E. Lacked A Strong Office of Ingenuity

General Electric appears to have lacked an efficient strategy to facilitate a team that could genuinely engineer profitability. This is surprising considering General Electric had and to an extent has the ability to form the very best of the best team.

One bad quarter does not, generally topple a giant like G.E. however for the past 3 years the company has apparently fought difficult, chaotic business interests. In perhaps a way that was unwittingly not in shareholders' best interests.

A company like General Electric plays a part in trying to provide quality medical technology. GE medical tech is used to treat people who suffer from the adverse affects of public health detriments like pollution. The health branch of the company, GE Healthcare is one key reason some invested in & believed in the company.

G.E. could have been contracted to be a part of fixing desperate rural American health infrastructure. However, G.E. itself has reportedly wanted to spin off GE Healthcare: So, the leadership has clearly needed to consider some cost saving strategies -- when there should be money for such lifesaving products. For any nation to act like they are special, when technology and knowledge exists to save lives -- however that knowledge is not implemented & lives are lost, is unfortunate. Because as G.E. used to stand for: "Good Things For Life" at least one interpretation of bringing good things to life.

The Trump Administration boasts about the economy, which performed very well as a result of the Obama Administration's efforts. For eight years that Admin worked to mend the broken economy & was very successful -- after departure the market zoomed upwards, mainly due to the Obama Admin's work. Still a company's potential for mismanagement during either Admin is similar. As is the potential for the political system to tap ability to invent technology that doesn't exist, however is needed.

G.E. Has The Potential To Help Fit Every County In The World With State of The Art Medicine

GE's current market cap is $74.5 Billion dollars, down over 50% to a current stock price of $8.02. Several investors, who follow the news daily likely pulled immediately on the dividend news October 30, 2018.

Investors who held General Electric stock because they wanted the approximately 0.20 cent dividend since 2013, up to 0.24 cents a share in 2016 encountered a 50% decrease, to 0.12 cents a share in December 2017. G.E. now has dropped the stock dividend to a quarter penny each quarter, a signal of unproductive imaginative business practices at work.

As has been par for the course Trump made declarations about how great everything will be under him. Several times declaring the forgotten are no longer forgotten, in terms of rural disenfranchised voters, who were critical of, and in some instances rightfully so the platform of the Democrats that is equally prone to "politics" that can be harmful for businesses and people.

The Republicans, claim they don't want to do anything that costs any money, to lower the debt. However, while both the Democrats and Republicans have great wealth and power, the concept of "reason" has potential to be as rare as a pearl in an oyster. Instead of being the actual guiding principle.

Training & Continuous Grading Required to Run a 4-star Corporation of 4 Stars, To Supply Demand Precisely, Simply Requires Strong Strategy

More often than not the pioneers behind efforts to cure diseases wished that those diseases could be eliminated, rather than be used by disingenuous as a way to rip people off, by making people choose between living & going broke.

It is at least possible that computer science has the ability to greatly reduce cost ethically. To actually make it so in the future a medical device, a medical doctor & medical professionals like nurses will be able to effectively cure the diseases that currently ravage society, in one or two visits.

Keep in mind regulations attempt to prevent hospitals from taking more than what is deemed fair: Still the tragedies that befall people all over the Earth, that could easily be prevented using knowledge; as well the ability to recognize what is unknown then set out to derive the formula needed to find the answer is present. However, is untapped by President Trump's Administration.

Whether Obamacare or Trump-care "having insurance" currently does not mean what the White House implies. Whether a U.S. Ambassador or top level executive, Lt. Gov, or Congressperson, or average citizen or next-to-homeless, some diseases can not be cured. Because health insurance command over medicine, for profit, instead of for wealth leads to financial toxicity. If managed wisely health insurance would still be very valuable, if not more valuable -- without the business practice of draining funds from clients, in an effort to get them to drop coverage.

Some would like common, severe conditions to cost $10 million a person. When those who literally make that effort their life's work hoped that it would be done intelligently, and every person would be able to benefit. Without the politics that, in some places have made it a practice not to apply top public health knowledge that prevents heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer's, mortality.

The Congress does continuously try to maintain a level of excellence that is beyond many other nations. However there is great need for improvement.

Even though there are philanthropic giants, industrial giants, Treasury giants: For some reason General Electric, their shareholders and people are down 73%, and now have no dividend. The reality is that societal ills, like poverty, homelessness, political corruption, greed, could be effectively resolved -- however, sometimes result from disingenuous business and political practices, focused on taking as much money as possible, rather than continuously striving for shareholder value.

All of the giants need to consider the simple, strong strategy that can be used to continuously uphold value, steer towards growth and facilitate prosperity and prevent whatever is happening to General Electric being their own doing. When there is enormous untapped potential for technology to cure mortality hundreds of times a day. So that more diseases that plague mankind are cured.

Also consider strategies to prevent individuals or groups from so easily being able to assume authority, only to dismantle companies. Where there are numerous clear examples of lawyers working against their own client's wishes & clear directives. Representatives working against their own constituents' interests. Companies working against their shareholders' interests and certainly similar sleight of hand in poorly run teams & poorly run offices. Where ultimately a single lawyer can rise to the top and just decide to take as much as possible for themself, if a simple strong strategy isn't employed where a founder's rule simply can not be dismantled because: That would be easier and more profitable for a few individuals who were able to take advantage.

Residential Quadrant, Untapped Growth

It makes sense that more and more of the diseases that GE specifically took on, with their Healthcare branch be effectively cured, with technology and with data. In terms of preventable heart defects, and in terms of treatment for common, tragic conditions like heart attack and stroke, and premature mortality in all of its forms, so that on average the bar is raised to a new level of strength and quality one would hope: Equally.

Counterpoint to the other giants GE's realistic flaws are anchors. Successful companies must consider debt intelligently.

If you can turn a dollar into $10, then borrow. If you can't, then don't.

If Congress had contracted the likes of Berkshire Hathaway (HomeServices,) Amazon & GE to build technology to fix homes, and free standing structures like restaurants: Their foundations, the sump pumps and windows (hiding layers of pollution sometimes, that can cause indoor air pollution), roofs, all of the things that wear down: Using technology and perhaps one day robotics, then what now costs $20,000, may one day cost $2,500 and generate far, far more in revenue & profit; if people could afford to fortify their structures.

In turn the health of the structure is linked to the health of people, where for instance a leaky foundation, broken roof, or inadequate / broken sump pump can cause water damage that can bring mold (Aflatoxin) that can cause Pancreatic Cancer -- though the problem is that intelligence is required if ever a robotic technology could fix roofs, and foundations cost effectively: So as not to make the problem worse, by not using scientific knowledge.

Trump's Fed Chairman Is Fairing Poorly Compared To Fed Chair Janet Yellen

President Trump said of the new Fed Chair, Jerome Powell, who he nominated: "(Powell) almost looks like he's happy raising interest rates."

Compare this recent treasury yield table to the summer of 2017, for instance:

The near-term notes' yield moved significantly higher from summer 2017 through late 2018:


As a businessperson President Trump likely has some understanding of bonds however given the effect of Chairman Powell's maneuvering, on General Electric it is not clear whether President Trump intended for some businesses to falter in what was supposed to be: Great-Again-time.

Any office has the potential to be great, if an intelligent strategy is employed. The Trump Administration and the Obama Administration, both seem to have taken one side over another side in terms of class and "revenue" and both the Obama Admin & Trump Admin have encountered similar struggles working with health insurance. With the perception being that the Obama Admin was on the side of the average American and their "working class." While Trump Admin is considered to be on the side of their base's "working class" and upper class.

For instance the Obama Admin heralded Patient Protection & Affordable Care (Obamacare) doing away with preexisting condition limits devised by insurance companies as a way to get out of providing health coverage.

While Trump-care seems far more inclined to do favors for lobbying groups, that some criticize can result in "junk insurance." Instead of a system that can really offer elite care to everyone, which is possible.

So-Called "Elite" Americans Can't Be Cured of Diseases Because The System Ignores So-Called Average Americans, in General

Obamacare did not achieve universal healthcare and Trump-care doesn't appear to be interested in tapping the ability of the corporations that could treat every single person & patient with top level, curative & intelligent healthcare, the type that President Trump would expect -- only to find that the field is so complicated that there is no room for prejudice, no room for inequality, no room for anything aside from the best of the best working at the top level to prevent disease, devise cures to fatal diseases & heart attack & stroke, through advanced patient stabilization, that can allow for full recuperation rather than mortality.

Not some ruse, with unaffordable services that are billed at multiples of actual cost; which happens to bankrupt many who have serious and sudden medical conditions, as some sort of opportunity to fleece them.

When collective American bargaining should be able to provide such futuristic services: Such as advanced patient stabilization that could be developed by the likes of GE, Intuitive Surgical, Lockheed Martin and Big Tech like Apple & Google, & Tesla, if their ability were tapped and contracted.

Rather than volleying critiques about the person President Trump appointed (like Fed Chair Powell) except that President Trump appears to condescend experts who surely can use those antics as a shroud to make actions that leave companies like General Electric treading water. Rather than considering impacts of rates on valuable & once valuable financial businesses.

Communities could dramatically reduce deaths from pollution such as heart attack and stroke, by learning to stabilize patients remotely (with the ultimate goal being full life support via 5G & a remote attending E.R. medical doctor.) Furthermore, gleaning Big Data (from each rescue) and using that data to reduce incidence of such health conditions by filtering pollutants & toxins that cause them (where pollution causes heart defects that cause fatal heart attacks & strokes in early adulthood.)

However currently, during the Trump Era the concept of equipping communities with medical technology equally & working to prevent disease and have the top level care available to: Actually everyone who needs it doesn't appear to be a part of the program.

Trump & Pence have actually added some strong people to the job. They like anyone could be critiqued, and do perform some vital efforts, like Secretary of Health & Human Services Alex Azar, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Seema Verma, FDA Admin Scott Gottlieb, NIH Director Francis Collins, and Surgeon General Jerome Adams. Though they actually have some power to implement a continuously improving level of medical excellence, that works to eliminate "financial toxicity" that effort is not prioritized, even though empty political promises have been made.

Some diseases have been more financially balanced than others. While many have not & therapies that save lives can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars -- so people either go bankrupt or go without the actual lifesaving treatment. Ideally a stronger system would have provided credits & benefits and contracts for lives saved, curatively.

The excuse for medicine in some U.S. counties can be very dysfunctional. In some counties rural residents wait over 30 minutes for ambulance response, or are unprepared to treat a patient that only had 2 minutes to be stabilized, who currently can not be; however could be in the future by the likes of giants.

Trump Admin Stance On Pollution, Versus Tapping Health Giants To Actually Prevent Pollution-Caused Disease Is Unintelligent

While all of the branches of government work to balance public health, the Trump Admin appears to place priority with favors for energy execs. Regardless of potential for pollution to adversely affect public health it appears.

With the Trump / Pence Admin's other half: V.P. Pence saying:

"For some reason, this issue of climate change has emerged as a paramount issue for the left - in this country and around the world"

The favoring of the polluters over public health, regardless of the data that links pollution to miscarriages and heart defects seems to be the strategy, though not an intelligent strategy.

Propaganda is nothing new, and perhaps the term "climate change" is a misnomer.

In the context of the environment "climate change" is linked to things like cancer-causing pollution that also can have severe detriment to human, and family health. For instance some "climate change" / air pollution can cause significant heart problems for babies and for adults, for instance: Heart defects. One specific example is sulfur dioxide linked to coaractation of the aorta (CoA).

Unfortunately some business people who have managed their way into chemical studies have taken money to produce, coincidentally, favorable albeit unintelligent research. Stating that the answer to pollution, is effectively more pollution.

Paid-for-favorable-reasearch saying, some people with average to strong immune systems will "be fine" when in reality things like heart defects that are linked to fatal heart attacks in early adult-hood are an unseen result of pollution. When the intelligent solution would be to filter that damn pollution, recognize that certain genetic makeups are very sensitive and require no exposure to given carcinogens.

While average and strong immune systems may adapt, people with things like Li-Fraumeni syndrome (a rare genetic condition that causes cancer due to problems with P53 tumor suppressor) or people at risk for paralysis from things like Guillan-Barre, and Non-Polio Enterovirus linked polio-like conditions*, are put at risk when Representatives take the side opposed to public health. (*Where some research links bacteria Campylobacter Jejuni from under cooked poultry and raw milk to Guillian-Barré syndrome, in rare instances, still preventable.)

Too many families experience the pain of results of the unintelligent strategy of lobbying in favor of one business practice, because it saves money; when the result is major health adversities. If a family member has a heart defect because of pollution, then it would seem obvious to figure out what the pollutant is and fix the problem. Rather than let future generations suffer the same problem.

Hard working Americans tend to pay a ton of money left and right in taxes. Only to then see their elected representatives, many of whom are the best of the best, along with several who are on the sides of some corporate interests that are adverse to public health, legislate away the health of the citizenry in favor of lobbying checks from polluters.

Some shareholders of G.E. felt that General Electric was at the forefront of public health, only to see that recently G.E. has been sold off piece by piece -- detracting value from the company and the shareholders.

General Electric Leadership Strayed From Shareholder Value Fortification

Overextension in their financial efforts may be one reason. For instance some expenses are extraordinary, for corporate pensions, and underfunded pensions: When, all of the costs could be collectively bargained so that retirees have a top level of livelihood, and ideally very strong savings.

However, the current tone from G.E. management is very weak, because investors have not held the company to account for dismantling branches of the company piece by piece: Where did the money from GE's sale of NBCUniversal go, the $6.5 billion Comcast paid for 51% of the subsidiary GE bought 80% of from Vivendi in 2003?

Why would GE rid itself of GE Healthcare, and what happened to GE Capital (which, in part separated Synchrony, and offered shareholders the ability to exchange shares of GE for $SYF, when a typical corp. action like the Mondelez / Kraft split resulted in new shares of the company for all shareholders. The excerpt from GE on this subject further down explains the exchange would reduce GE shares outstanding, however General Electric Company still has 8.7 billion shares outstanding, down from 9.1 billion shares outstanding in Q2 2016.

The offer to exchange shares was more favorable to the company than the shareholders, it appears. Be reminded everything is clear in hindsight, the Board could not have predicted the future, still common sense Boards work to honor shareholders, and build value. To do either is no easy task and few companies can permanently, however the best of the best work for permanent investment grade business.

Clearly General Electric has not been able to fix what is broken within their property. The company's fate is very strongly affected by the effective dividend elimination (to 0.01 penny).

The leadership quite simply could use a clone of Elon Musk at the helm at this point -- as well the fledgling tech companies hopefully will consider safeguarding from the struggles that have challenged G.E. to a 50% recent decent so far to the lower, mid $8 range, and 73% decline from near peak levels around $31.78 in December 2016.

General Electric's Lost Shine

The United States has tremendous resources to invent new relevant technology every day. Yet, even though businesses, philanthropists, and leaders have tried to work for health prosperity for the future, it is easy for a corporation to write checks. To get harmful collateral side-effects from their waste, or product / service's need, that can negatively affect the general population to be lightly regulated.

Pollution can contain numerous different cancer-causing compounds, that people with certain genetics can be harmed by. Pollution can contain these cancer-causing compounds because politicians vote on Bills that are supported by environmental research, along with medical research, that set allowable levels.

While the U.S. has better standards than many places across the globe, the entire process is... political. With the literal ability for debating sides to make the human health toll of waste (like pollution or health problems caused by overheating electronics) a non-priority, through lobbying. Which is so unfortunate for people who experience the diseases, that have several causes and genetic factors, however can be prevented if some of the primary causes are not lobbied away, for the sake of profit over public health. The answers to the health problems require incredibly intelligent teams, that understand very complex science, and while some politicians have a glimmer of intelligence, they, like any office rely on experts.

Unfortunately even the field of expert science has been used for political purposes. Unfortunately companies that are faltering are not finding any sort of intelligence from the Trump Administration, whereby large companies compete for contracts -- whereby the intent of the best of the best, and the greatest of the great always was, and still is to try to educate people equally on how to be prosperous, wise, healthy.

Currently the health news of the day has to do with a Polio-like virus, called AFM, Acute Flaccid Myelitis. That causes paralysis in some instances. Though very, very rare, every year for 6 years there have been reports of this awful occurrence that leaves patients with weak muscles and with varying levels of paralysis.

Well, not every country has the ability to take on such incredibly difficult phenomena, however the United States and top level international institutions that work for common good do. However the lobbyists for rare diseases don't play the same way as some lobbyists, for things like pollution, and cancer causing "waste" whether it be from a smoke stack or from overheating electronics (that some claim are linked to things like Glioblastoma.)

There are medical diagnostics companies, and efforts (such as that along with the consortium of health and medical companies, that are investment-grade (where commonly Bioscience have unsustainable financial pictures & no profit) in the future could work to contain polluter-causes of disease and protect people who are more susceptible to contracting things like early onset CNS abnormalities (including brain malignancies like DIPG [Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma]) and work to fight things like the different strains of Enterovirus (D68 and A71) that are linked with the polio-like disease AFM. While very rare, if Enterovirus and Campylobacter Jejuni cause various types of paralysis: That's a fight worth fighting and fixing so as to prevent future cases of Non-Polio, polio-like health impairment.

It does seem that at least G.E. Healthcare has ability to increase both city and rural healthcare. While the Trump era legislative effort, seems not to be concerned with ensuring top level care for all diseases to all Americans.

As has long been the case, the war over Red & Blue opinions, and the political grandstanding can freeze: Reason, Common Sense & Intelligence in relation to public health: Preventing and curing rare diseases. A field G.E. once belonged to through GE Healthcare.

Many people expect their representatives to take the obvious stance on subjects like cancer-causing pollution. Still the wave of Trump supporters like any political supporters can only wish their leader would employ those virtues: Reason, Common Sense & Intelligence on subjects that hurt communities, whether they be wealthy or not.

Given the fact that wealth distribution can be so closely connected with politics, and likewise poverty can be as well. Obviously it is reasonable, common sense, intelligence to harness intelligent power to make it so people do not get sick from waste, or byproducts of technology that need to be updated and fixed (like overheating electronics, or the common association between phones and brain cancer.)

No, General Electric can not save every county in the world from the ravages of disease, on its own-- by implementing infrastructure that can intelligently supply demand. However, General Electric in conjunction with other relevant businesses actually could, or could have.

It Is Up To A Corporation To Employ Intelligent Strategy & Work For Permanence

Top retirement strategists believed in General Electric up until recently. While the company gravitated away from hard work. Though the company appears still to have untapped ability.

This is the sort of company that only a very few other strong companies could stabilize. However, the entirety of the empire that General Electric built has clearly lost scope.

Two actual strong intelligent advisors could have steadied the ship within the previous couple years, it seems. However the reality is an empire such as GE has an actual human work force & neither the Obama Admin or Trump Admin intelligently prioritized "collective bargaining" and "financial toxicity" in order to raise the bar of excellence for everyone equally as well as they could have and should have.

Republican politicians have volleyed the idea of eliminating Social Security, after both Republican and Democrat workers have paid into the program for 83 years (since 1935.) While recently San Francisco's Prop C passed, an effort to reduce homelessness with an added corporate tax. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was opposed and San Francisco's super employer, Salesforce (CRM) CEO Marc Benioff was in favor of the effort that passed.

However, the question remains how effective the implementation will be (given that disparate poverty results from political corruption, often.) The attitude from the Trump Administration on the surface seems snobbish.

Though performance is an actual virtue in the world of politics, the actual reality is that: Those poor people and those homeless people that some politicians consider to be lesser are often poor and homeless due to political corruption, and greed.

GE: Financial Toxicity In The Age Of Trump

General Electric retirees & their families are that much closer to poverty, because between the company's own mismanagement & both the Trump and Obama Administrations' ways a company with incredible untapped potential has experienced a very weak strategy.

When a giant: General Electric and other giants could have been tasked to build National Cancer Institute Advanced Comprehensive level facilities that could serve every county.

The best of the best could have used American wealth to prevent and cure diseases, easily if for one moment an Administration represented everyone equally. By using intelligence to determine proper size facility, for various areas & built up a top level force to prevent disease and figure out what the real challenges are, and then work to solve them Constitutionally. Rather than tolerating efforts to use the businesses of health and medicine as a way to cause financial toxicity to the representees.

General Electric Needs Ingenuity & A Better Leadership Strategy Where The Company Can't Be Sold & Dismantled Piece By Piece. Particularly In Regard To Wanting To Spinoff GE Healthcare, A Branch That Has Powerful Lifesaving Potential

General Electric's investor relations, most recent 10-Q shows a loss of $22.8 Billion dollars. This likely has something to do with the dividend elimination, and the decline.

General Electric's medical tech division relies heavily on their CT scanner line:


The company has not weathered the storm they helped create. Ideally their team could have worked to avoid such a risk: Years ago.

As well work to intelligently show Congress the harm that is resulting from people who actually need their services not being able to get their services.

An example of the intersection of General Electric medical scan devices, health & political will is the recent passage of legislation on the state level in Kentucky to disallow doctors, other than Coal Company doctors from handling Black Lung cases.

Coal miners who rely on their work for coverage could easily be taken advantage of if the companies that want to reduce costs and increase product, can overlook stages of conditions like Black Lung.

While several efforts are underway in the energy sector to move away from pollution that causes awful health problems. No matter the power source: Coal, Natural Gas or Solar (and so on) the old "Politician's Promise" that years from now it's going to be amazing, because: They're on the job, resounds.

As well, where the "promise" is real, wonderful, where the "promise" is not, then clearly the nation deserves actual real virtues.

The fact is medicine, science and public health are as illusive as Reason, Common Sense and Intelligence, While so many people are masters of these fields -- political propaganda is designed to try to win at all costs. Even when the result can be adverse for "commoners" and elites alike.

The Bottom Line: Pioneers Need To Build Genuinely Strong Teams That Work To Protect Their Corporations From Boards Dismantling Value

General Electric, as with every office and every company has a couple paths that it can take. This is a company that has untapped ability, and value. Perhaps their departments of computer science, engineering, design; needed to be a lot stronger.

These major corporations need to make money in order to survive -- if companies like G.E. die then not only do shareholders lose, those counties in the world that could benefit from the ability don't.

Intelligent dividend stewardship is key for businesses that wish to stay afloat. As well, internal analysis and grading (actually giving a grade for performance regularly) to focus on areas of profitability that can be continuously strengthened.

Whether in conjunction with Congress or not, there are two sides to the coin of raising the bar of public health, as it relates to quality of life and "political ways." The reasonable, common sense & intelligent solution to public health is to protect, prevent and work to effectively cure ailments that cause suffering & death.

The General Electric picture shows miscalculations that major corporations must learn from. As well the fate of the company should be one of the top items for financial & economic offices.

General Electric Company was and to an extent is vast. Healthcare is one of a dozen divisions that G.E. has, including GE Capital:


Three years ago former CEO Immelt announced major sales of subsidiaries in GE Capital. Recent news reported GE would spinoff GE Healthcare.

Though what appears to be happening is GE is selling parcels, and shareholders are not receiving shares of new stock. Instead, with Synchrony (SYF) General Electric offered shareholders the ability to exchange shares of GE stock for SYF stock.

Quite simply in retrospect the exchange that G.E. dreamed up for GE Capitial and Synchrony, was not logical and is a maneuver that investors should question in the future: An exchange, with a supposed "discount" rather than receiving shares of the subsidiary if it is doing any sort of spin off.:

It is perhaps coincidental that General Electric's dividend cut, and difficult business period coincide with the politics and propaganda of "Make America Great Again." General Electric obviously needed to be and needs to be the captain of their ship.

Some businesses are hurting due to President Trump's adversity to foreign goods & labor. As is the case between Democrats & Republicans, or one nation compared to another, there are strong, good qualities on both sides and weaknesses on both. Such as inhumane working conditions, forced labor, disparate poverty and homelessness: Particularly unfortunate when they result from political corruption. Prosperity results from enacting the best of both sides of an argument, and from solving truly important realities.

The example used in this article, and previous articles of the need for better remote patient stabilization, to give more Americans and people a chance to live even if they suffer something like a heart attack or stroke seems to be something just as important as building a trillion dollar jet program, and represents something needed, to save lives; where the technology exists, however has not been enacted -- untapped ingenuity & untapped ability: If only Representatives were focused on the realities that afflict communities, and the actual power of the keys provided by the energy, sweat, lives of so many Americans who did not hope to see their descendants treated poorly: By pollution-caused diseases, by mistreatment from municipalities that focus more on generating more and more revenue, rather than facilitate and employ prosperous strategies.

Whereby the products of those efforts often give back. However, their efforts are tremendously dampened when common sense is not employed. For instance a family donated a massive amount to a New York City hospital, only for the hospital to run through their donation in a very quick time. CNBC reported "Warren Buffett Sees 'Betrayal' As Hospital Drains Big Endowment" about Berkshire Hathaway investors' $135 million dollar donation to Long Island College Hospital.

Had the amount been held in Berkshire stock it would have gone up around $500 million dollars. Because Berkshire Hathaway, at times uses excellent reason, true common sense and sound intelligence to try to be all of the things that political slogans like Make America Great Again allude to: Quality business, employment, geared to assemble teams that perform fair work like home sales and autosales, and insurance.

Rather than political polarization of issues, with no regard for virtues, that are intertwined with actual value: Health & public health. The world of business is great, when balance and luck coincidentally align into good fortune; likewise the waters are like rough seas for business ventures that can not find the recipe for strong business: Excellent leadership, and simply a product or service that generates profit.

Disclaimer: This article is not a recommendation to buy or sell. Please consult a qualified financial adviser to determine proper allocations, if any to investments.


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