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Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple: The $1.022 Trillion Trump Tariff Correction. Where There Is Weakness There Should Be Strength


DECEMBER 23, 2018


The Democrats and Republicans are duking it out -- while some good Representatives do their best.

President Trump deserves a learning curve. However the reaction to the Trump Administration's strategy, combined with efforts from various political groups that work with, and work against the Trump Administration have intersected in a monumental, and expected stock market correction.

For Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Apple to fall over $1 Trillion in one quarter, is a sign of weakness where there easily could have at the very least been stability, if not strength, were it not for a lack of leadership. A lack of leadership that hopefully the branches of power can mediate for the common good as average Americans have seen 20% declines in invested savings as 3 or 4 major topics coalesce: The Wall, Trump Admin Tariffs, and some of President Trump's tabloid eccentricities.

In This Economy Where There Is Weakness, Just As Easily There Should Be Strength

There is a constant "short" interest in the world of business, and those who shorted the market may be making gains now, however if ever Representatives decide, there is possibility for a strong economy.

There appears to be some link between China's ruling against Apple, in favor of Qualcomm, resulting in claims of removing Apple's older iPhone from shelves to President Trump's tariff.

As if Apple couldn't implement a new design at light speed: The company already did.

President Trump's stance is so often subject to change; though there has been some consistency on: The wall and the tariffs. It is as if someone, or President Trump should consider asking where does the old reality TV show phase into stronger choices, for actual best people for important jobs (perhaps based on some objective, or close to objective computer science, as to whom is actually the best person for the job) for well being of 100% of Americans.

Instead of the repetitive hiring, firing, reality TV show-like contests in the Administration's circle. Though shifts are common in governance and business, the constant fighting is a waste: Instead of working for common good, to forge success and better quality of life and wealth, the Democrat and Republican sides are acting like there is one holiday present, and they are fighting over it for themselves, instead of sharing.

Investors and the businesses are stuck in the middle of political fighting. Political fighting that can be accentuated by those who wish to see greed and poverty prevail.

Where some look at communities and populations as sources of laborers, who if not fit enough are less valuable. Instead of applying the concept employed by the titans of business, that works towards solving poverty. As well as solving dysfunctional financial structures, and instructing on ways to save and build wealth.

Common Sense Solutions To Political & Legal Forays Should Not Destabilize The Economy

Currently, between four, very strong and brilliant companies, that raise the bar of excellence in every industry and every economic sector: Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple, they report $728 Billion dollars in revenue.

Anyone who invested in Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple once a year, or a couple times a year, regularly for the past decade has done incredibly well. Longer term investors have done incredibly well.

Their debt. Bond ladders built with debt from Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have done very well and seem to be very stable. Not that the companies are perfect, however they have provided the wealth that has sustained many, not just in one place or another: Internationally.

Those who don't like one service can use another, some don't use them at all directly. However, indirectly the benefits, and the breakthroughs have been revolutionary. Because of those four companies founded in some garages.

Between Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Apple: $149 Billion In Annual Earnings: Quality Earnings & Quality Wealth

People are alive because of research that never would have been possible were it not for Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Apple. The potential for breakthroughs given the intelligence sparked, through math and computer coding and hardware building, is infinite.

As the stock market corrected recently, and can go either direction, unpredictably; the need for the economy to use "best practices" that: Compliment rather than take advantage of customers seems important.

Whether people in China or people in the United States, the common good side of the world of medicine, technology, computer science hinges on the best of the best. Standard of living throughout the world depends on invention on the scale of the Great Businesses in both lands. Similarly to Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple's Trump Tariff Declines, Alibaba and Bidu have experienced corrections.

Bidu has dropped about $100 a share, and Alibaba has dropped around $60 a share from top level trending price areas. However, the opportunity created globally through both the top American and Chinese, quality companies is literally unlimited: With efforts from actual real leaders, from Google to Tesla, to Amazon to explore the universe. To the Trump Administration's credit there has been a very strong effort to enhance human and computer life, in outer space: A potential source of wealth beyond what can be comprehended today.

In a sense companies like Alibaba, Bidu, Google (Alphabet,) Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have lent to what could be considered the first chapter of life and business. However, without stewardship of the global economy, even the giants can experience weakness, when just as easily their representatives could have been prepared: Where a 10% correction range could prompt common sense efforts to stabilize -- within reason.

Because, obviously the world of business and the world in general is complex. There is poverty, there are harsh conditions, there are preventable diseases, and there is disregard for public health as a result of ignoring effects of toxins and pollution. However, more and more the top tech companies have made varying efforts to: Go green and be environmentally friendly.

Where there are many calls to: "Shop Local" more and more local stores use services from the giants, as part of their business. Also funds to shop local in many instances are derived from healthy, quality, growth companies, that work to create quality business.

Google users can actually generate revenue from sites like YouTube, though that model has experienced some faltering, unfortunately. More and more tech companies like GrubHub provide opportunity for people to earn, using Apps, to basically disrupt poverty. Amazon provides for businesspeople to sell products and authors and artisans to publish their work, though their model could certainly provide more incentive, the overall business is strong. Microsoft recently bought GitHub, one of thousands of continuous, 24/7 efforts to steward computer science that exists in nearly all modern products (faucets have yet to get microchips.)

Apple provides for designers to create Apps and games and sell them on their marketplace, in addition to being a powerhouse in the world of entertainment, and technology. However, more and more opportunity will hopefully arise from their businesses, arguably the new frontier: Companies like GrubHub, SalesForce, Twitter, and even some of the digital currency could spawn the next $50 billion dollar company. Those efforts can build quality wealth, for investors and employees, and help reduce poverty, provide strong living conditions, and opportunity for wealth, that enriches business.

Prosperity Vs. Poverty: A Strategy That Causes Trillions In Losses Is A Failed Strategy

President Trump has said before, that some think it is so easy to govern by causing poverty. A tidal wave of economic support followed the Obama Administration's work to restore the economy, into the Trump Administration. During the Obama Adminstration Senate Republicans tried to take credit for market gains, when Republican efforts to close the government coincided with massive declines.

The realm of the science of money is perhaps not as strong as it needs to be. President Trump just shutdown the government, which means that Congress employees won't be getting their paychecks. Unfortunately, it is common for some politicians to simply work to not spend one extra cent, only to increase money going towards their own benefits. (Where Vice President Pence in the last couple weeks as governor of Indiana reportedly authorized a $30 million bonus for his staff.)

Rather than employing the top minds in the world of finance to make sure that funds are not wasted, and that wealth is built, and that common sense and affordable debt is managed. As well as orchestrate the perfectly balanced creation of jobs (where some legislation encourages more government jobs to be created when there is more unemployment. Like when $1 Trillion dollars is discounted from actual real strong companies, that generate massive amounts of business and could forever.)

One reason for the Trump Tariff Correction in the global economy also has to do with President Trump's so-called tabloid eccentricities, as the market decline coincides with Trump's lawyer being imprisoned for his work for Trump. The fact is that the Trump Admin, reportedly has seperated families, permanently at the U.S. Border, while hosting events for GEO Prison Group at Trump Properties. When, common sense could yield far more intelligent and humane living & working conditions. Where today prisoners are used as laborers, and are reportedly commonly treated inhumanely.

The balance of the economy should not resort to political strategies like mass incarceration and voter suppression, instead of quality business and standard of living. Common sense, every single time would side with quality business, like entertainment, food, technology, over political lobbying to use constituents as a way to add revenue to a system that, in some corners of the United States literally tells constituents: Rights simply don't matter, because their county is so busy pulling in extra money. It is certainly up to the world of business, and for communities to try to request Representation that stabilizes the economy, and works for prosperity.

Disclaimer: This article is not a recommendation to buy or sell. Please consult a qualified financial adviser to determine proper allocations, if any to investments.


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