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Municipal Bond Credit Ratings Not Reflecting Legal / Political Avarice That Weakens Strong Business & Quality of Life



AUGUST 11, 2019


In order to survive in the current political system, leaders must establish a favorable standing with collective tax-payer funded employees. While every day, in America, unfortunately efforts are made to profit via malfeasance, by state employees & reps.

Further those regular occurrences are rarely factored into municipal bond credit ratings, when they should be, as collectively the drain on tax payer funded dollars is enormous.

When before elections spending and debt are talking points, only for the science of finance to be disregarded during... party time, recess, in some Congressional circles that means: Breakout the cocaine & strippers.

Americans get less than one month upon receiving new property taxes, to pay; when counties can and do raise those taxes from 1 to over 400%, with no new property tax improvements.

There are counties where the auditor and the county council are so busy suing each other, that complaints of property tax gouging go to the bottom of the stack of papers. After those state's (first) tax judges rule that those taxes were not in accordance with the state's property tax law. It doesn't matter.

It does not matter. If a county in Indiana thinks they can raise the tax 400% they try, and wait.

Knowing that the rule of law does not matter when conflicts-of-interest-for-profit reign supreme. Governors from years past tried & did cap those property taxes at 1%. That did not matter, the counties just raise the value as if it is a lever on a slot machine.

In Indiana prominent law firms pick at their own clients' estates like vultures-for-profit. They do things like move organizations, foundations, to office spaces they own, to up occupancy. Reap the entire value of their property from one foundation, in less than a decade: While they have their building (that they falsely promote as a not-for-profit) up for sale.

Some Hoosier lawyers do the legal equivalent of spitting in their own clients' faces. As if to say something like a Yale degree allows a lawyer to treat their own clients like a liability, if they can swindle a million. They will act like they don't mind quickening their own clients' deaths if it means the liability, that is their own client will leave them and the money alone.

Then they undo their own clients' simple, very well funded philanthropic requests. For instance taking historic grounds willed to Colleges away, because connections established by founders, owners / wealthy clients are viewed as liabilities, perhaps, by lawyers who created a system for-profit where they are immune from far more egregious, disbarrable offenses, than the for-profit infraction system they maintain that sends constituents to for-profit prisons for cumulative hundreds of thousands of years every few years, for infractions lesser than those done daily by those in power. A fairly awful interpretation of "land of the free." A system of mass incarceration, for-profit, rife with awful treatment of people left and right.

The meanness of political propaganda unsurprisingly translates to the reality of those counties that tolerate state employees mistreating people for-profit. Instead of following the lead of the counties that take each project and use the attitude of: "Let's make this project, town, place: Awesome." As is done in places lucky enough to have leaders who use best practices.

Unfortunately There Is No Health Grades of Law: Avvo Does Not Publish Factual Reviews That Portray Lawyers In Negative Light

For medicine there are some important reviews sites, like Denver-based Health Grades. For law there is Seattle-based Avvo. However, they do not publish negative reviews of lawyers.

There is no intelligence briefing for wealthy businesspeople in states like Indiana, to explain to them that the senior lawyers are into the real estate now, and if they see money the cities' largest law firms do everything in their power to treat their own clients like liabilities.

If some lawyers can profit from their own clients, to the tune of a million and power over millions more, in a few years, by breaking every single client request, by putting lawyers opposite their own clients, by selling property tens of millions less than owners turned down, to the people they have long-term real estate deals with, to relocate to office space they are actually falsely claiming is not-for-profit, that is actually up for sale, senior Indiana lawyers will do that, because some are corrupt and greedy and believe a law or an Ivy League degree can be used to take control and power over valuable organizations, then treat everyone like liabilities, fire all the employees, strike down and undo well funded and simple, good-willed requests from wealthy clients both during their lifetimes and after.

These are law firms founded by honorable, good lawyers who got old and were themselves swindled, effectively by dirty, rotten scoundrels, who waive around Yale degrees while fleecing their clients.

Some will *keep up appearances* as if from the pages of the Michael Caine & Steve Martin classic film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, while looting their clients. With a system that treats families horribly. Ironically people who sit around the country clubs either don't realize or couldn't care less about the corruption and maltreatment of their own families and extended families. Indiana keeps their jails so dirty that people go there for the night to fulfill quota-ordered traffic infractions, and die. Others go to Indiana jails over quota-ordered traffic infractions and soon after contract diseases that lead to amputations, over false reports and vague infractions, as well as completely fictitious accusations-for-profit.

Knowledge of carcinogens that cause cancer is completely disregarded by, techinically "public servants," who are busy, reportedly cashing in on lobbyist checks. Thus potential for cancer clusters like the one in Franklin, Indiana because the company using a reportedly toxic carcinogen didn't have a volume measuring meter to alert them that they were leaking toxic cancer causing carcinogens into the ground and groundwater, near a neighborhood and school.

When knowledge such as that is not used then it has tragic consequences, while complex there is ability for Congress to work with American business giants to prevent those tragedies, however the science of finance & public health is perhaps not being used to its fullest politically. With massive amounts effectively flushed down the toilet into some coffers over... political soap opera.

Pregnant women are sentenced to prison in Indianapolis, complain of medical issues, are ignored, and die.

While fathers drive their pregant wives in labor to the hospital, to be pulled over, and arrested, during extended traffic stops, with the mother in the passenger seat, in labor (afterwards the doctor said the baby had her umbilical cord around her neck) the county reportedly promoted the employees, during the stop the father said quote-unquote "she's having a baby." The recording, one of the less than 1% that ever sees the light of day, has the employees saying, because of the make and model of the vehicle, an older car, "they must be on their way to the hood."

While some credit rating agencies look at numbers, and most likely those same reports and assign investment grade credit ratings that are not deserved.

Whereas municipalities that strive to be leaders in *quality of life* often find great success. They use teamwork to solve problems & advance principles that can be easily trampled, like freedom, and rights.

Instead, while work can be strenuous, still, city employees tell people (and reporters) directly that laws and Constitutional principles, quote-unquote: "Don't matter." While higher level city & town employees go for that money. Then expect for strong investment grade credit to be able to borrow on behalf of the people not mass incarcerated for-profit via discrimination (based on class, race, and religion)

Counties That Misuse Power To Take Away Rights & Freedom, For-Profit, Instead Of Using Knowledge To Prevent Corrupt Municipal Profiteering, Make Enormous Differences Between Economic Stability & Extreme Poverty.

'Supported' By Dysfunctional Town / City / State For-Profit Efforts, Instead Of Regard For Principles Like Quality of Life.

The top ranked places to live, work effectively. Similarly to a golf swing though, simply swinging hard is ineffective.

Regardless of the city or place poverty and homelessness result from political corruption & financial manuevering that either common sense or a predictive analytics based formula could determine would and does cause poverty, homelessness and low quality of living, based on and fueled by discrimination against people based on wealth, ironically, or perhaps as part of a Dirty Rotten Scoundrels-like con. Where thieves pretend to be high-class & influential businesspeople, in order to try to steal & con money from people.

While, currently there is actually more opportunity than ever before.

Apps on smart phones provide average citizens with profitable opportunities, the likes of Grubhub, Amazon, Ebay, and the companies focused on P2P (person to person) businesses that allow their customers / employees, to make money. Unfortunately it's not like Indiana law firm clients can tell their lawyers, you all don't have to steal from your clients anymore: Need extra money, find an App.

Businesses & Philanthropies Need To Work To Defend Against Both External & Internal Ocean's Eleven Style Scams

While the Ocean's Eleven film is entertaining, in the real world unfortunately there is a less-than-virtuous honor amongst thieves mindset, with eyes on businesses & foundations' money. Fighting over power and money at the top is not easy to ready for. Particularly when lawyers are held to no standard and there is some sort of corrupt money making way to profit from taking rights away from people.

Perhaps considering where applicable in-house lawyers, supporting initiatives to instill virtues, as well as considering lowering the credit ratings on colleges & universities that matriculate lawyers who are the most corrupt & who send Americans to millions of years of prison to satisfy for-profit prison lobbyists, instead of facilitating quality of life (a specific cause of large Indiana based philanthropies that must contend with corrupt lawyers & politicians, everyday.)

Senior managing directors of the top law firms in Indianapolis literally put lawyers across the aisle from their own clients if they think they can score a million, for their own for-profit companies that they falsely claim are not-for-profit realty companies. So when clients have more money the levels of scamming, complete disregard for lawyer / client protocol, stealing, and mistreatment, including treating clients as a liability because they could make changes, even if they have no intention is to be expected. Similarly corrupt politicians act the same towards constituents, because their ability to vote is viewed as a liability.

Instead of preventing a wide range of infractions both slight and severe in the health & human services realm medical doctors are also to a degree mass incarcerated according to the HHS. Ok, but, what about the lying, cheating, stealing lawyers though? (And preventing drug Rx overprescribing to patients who are made addicts by Big Pharma trying to raise revenue.)

There are of course many honorable lawyers, likely the majority, however, (who have to contend with disbarrable maneuvering by colleagues, instead of leading and raising the bar of excellence & preventing brutality-in-the-name-of-the-law-jokingly, that causes cycles of dysfunction / violence, for the sake of raising municipal revenue for top profiteers.) There are lawyers who manage their way into prestigious firms then work to control their clients' money / foundation, and fire everyone, only to days later post job listings.

Lawyers who treat their clients & all of their client's connections as nothing more than liabilities, because there's money that clients thought they could trust senior lawyers to handle, as their own lawyers work behind their clients' backs to erase all their clients' well funded endeavors.

While technology has provided for both: Ways of steadying the ship and also ways for those trying to wrestle power for themselves to win. Using powerful software for the former, or in the latter, malware to take advantage of major corporations' goal to increase ad revenue, alongside efforts to undo net neutrality by the Trump Admin, scammers can conduct elaborate socially engineered efforts with the goal of wrestling power from business owners & founders, unless more emphasis is placed on countering such attempts. (IE: If a program were designed to run counter to corporate directive; anyway, anyhow, then how can it be defended against: Malware protection, including social engineering propaganda-like malware, in the ever lowering bar of political mud slinging. To efforts by some counties to, via discrimination break up families, as is done in some counties; mass incarcerating with resulting, numerous single parent households: With prejudice, to rake in more revenue from reimbursed state dollars, sort of people, or constituent collecting & imprisoning. Rather than implementing best practices and ending corrupt municipal money generating schemes that treat people unconstitutionally.)

From individual clients to powerful boardrooms, the advanced ability of those who take advantage of Trump Admin's elimination of net neutrality is simply another obstacle to contend for. With the ability for those who work at the millionth of a second (and faster) to achieve goals, from preventing disease to, conversely, trying to make financial gains by cheating.

Effectively businesses that fight for control can use unfair business practices to eliminate competition's business by forcing customers & clients' hands. (IE: The company handling network traffic decides not to load their competition's media. Or adware designed to slow loading down, on purpose, not within actual time necessary to complete tasks, in order to change schedules with the purpose of stopping competing business, for instance.)

Of The Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon Portfolio Who Will Grow Fastest? While Some Counties Strive To Be Birthplaces For Growth Companies / Muni Credit Ratings Are Not Reflective Of Counties Busy Mass Incarcerating For-Profit, Through Infractions They Cause To Increase

The market can be like an ocean's current, several companies have risen to incredible heights. Though four giants have advanced technology to a point where now literally the most complex challenges can be solved.

As well, they have provided a foundation for a new generation of giant corporations that employ tens of thousands, generate incredible wealth, give incredible amounts for philanthropy.

Arguably Microsoft, Apple, Google & Amazon, made America great already. About $4 trillion dollars in market cap on the horizon. All knowledge at their customers' fingertips.

While criticisms of Big Tech abound, for better and worse, some fair and some less fair, perhaps. The fact is the ripple effect of $4 trillion in value, from some garage lab projects gone well, in a world where disparate poverty abounds, famine abounds, senseless conflict abounds; provides a model for success, though of course imperfect.

While unfortunately, for whatever reason some work to lie, cheat and steal others are working on cures for diseases. In some places political leaders are at the whim of county councils that are focused on profiting: Best practices don't matter, placing the most qualified into power loses out to giving well paying gov jobs to the closest relative, on county levels.

All the while successful company jobs & new openings are being scouted based on talent & quality of life. It is less common to hear about the big tech exec driving his wife in labor to the hospital, being pulled over, threatened with being tased, being arrested and missing the birth of their baby. As happens in Northern Indiana. Places where the city employees, according to news, strike a grandfather crossing the road with his granddaughter, continue driving for the city to hit and kill another motorist on the side of the road: To then get a promotion from the city, as happens in Indianapolis.

In Carmel, Indiana a vehicle with 3 students was chased into a utility pole, two died, over a slight infraction: In a place that uses gouging traffic infraction set-ups (very wide new roads alongside fenced open fields, with speeds set very low to generate tickets.)

Infraction revenue generation is more important than well being & lives: In practice... because that is some people's opinion of "business."

News reported the employee who chased the students who were allegedly going 10 mph too fast, didn't follow protocol, as well had been complained about for a call of a person in distress and reportedly showed up and shot & killed the person. Just one reported instance of numerous state / nation-wide; of immediately firing at civilians, taking lives, beating people mercilessly for things ranging from fictitious vehicle infractions to the suspicion of marijuana metabolite.

People at restaurants stand around watching Indianapolis traffic officers pull people over, drag them from their vehicles and start beating them. Every once and a while the news reports on it, otherwise regularly the city photographs the people they arrest with bloodied, bruised & broken faces. The employees, according to comments brag about how they beat people, and mass incarcerate them. While the new political leaders, Republicans have created a plan to increase taxes dramatically (upwards of $30 billion) to pay for new roads that are built in part using jail labor.

A good computer program that uses basic predictive analytics could actually prevent legal infractions, if they were not designed to be frequent and profitable. All the while the successful, effectively go to counties that have their acts together, historically. With a consideration for the future & quality of life.

Versus places where unfortunately legal & political avarice reign supreme. (Where long time businesspeople & philanthropists give $50 to hundreds of millions for charity, only for their lawyers to immediately undo charity status & make a tax paying entity, with money going to lawyers' for-profit realty companies, when long-time offices given for free are attempted to be pawned off. All the while the lawyers have their for-profit realty office space masqueraded as a not-for-profit, up for sale, as if to say: Sorry charity, the lawyers needed to up occupancy at their place, while firing all employees, because they could be liabilities. That is a corrupt, greedy practice used by Indianapolis lawyers, that is reason to consider how legal avarice affects municipal credit ratings, because growth business / and resulting good will can not be sustained when legal avarice is a city, town or state's standard.)


Disclaimer: This article is not a recommendation to buy or sell. Please consult a qualified financial adviser to determine proper allocations, if any to investments.


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