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NOV 12, 2023

Currently Fidelity, JP Morgan Chase, Vanguard, Prudential, Merrill Lynch, Bank of New York Pershing & Robin Hood are all maliciously robbing their Customers. Running scams and stealing from Customers every day of the week. This does not appear to be a coincidence.

They are brazen, ridiculous scams: They are all the result of not only Cyberattacks: However, Cyberattacks, upon Cyberattacks: Deep Fake Hacks upon the Advanced Persistent Threat Groups deploying Cyberattacks meant to cause harm to People, the Public & Citizens of numerous Nations.

Including instances where the Cyberattack finds a breach & deep fakes the Person into thinking they've created something such as Silk Road & FTX: The Cyberattack nowadays is doing that & setting up People, who if they were not attacked would have found some legitimate pursuit. So as to say it is clear that with both Silk Road & FTX, had Ulbricht & Bankman Fried not endured 24/7 cyberattacks there would not have been either a Silk Road or FTX. [Some of the hacks on Silk Road were before the 2016 uses of NSA's Eternal Blue & Double Pulsar, while the Silk Road appeal was in 2017: the hack of the day during Silk Road was "Adobe Zero Day" that has similar features to those NSA software in that they utilize "back door" hacks.]

Cyberattack Engines appear to have used similar techniques upon both Silk Road & FTX, either: Using parts of / and or hacks upon or through, NSA's "Mystic" that is used to spy on phones; both in use & not in use, for software attacks that affected Silk Road & the Federal Agents also involved in Silk Road & also FTX.

Basically Cyberattack Engines appear able & appear to have used US Government breaches on Consumer Goods to hack & harm Finance Companies, as well as hack the Legal System.

Those are powerful Cyberattack Engines that appear to have been able to detect & exploit whatever US Government software affecting Consumer IoT, internet-of-things: It's a trend or common denominator of Cyberattacks, the weaponization of People's Government against them, by their enemies. When the purpose of US Government software is to defend & prevent attacks: Not be used to harm the Public. [Washington Post Article linked below, describing Mystic: That was also in use in Bahamas when FTX was there.]

Just like Ross Ulbricht, the so-called founder of Silk Road, as well as the former NSA Agent accused of some communication & transaction of info with Shadow Brokers, who was imprisoned: Are not guilty, nor is SBF & Bernie Madoff. Those & a great many large & small US legal Cases are not priviledged to the Computer Science & hacks that were & are causative of those Cases: The People were & are being Mass Incarcerated due to not only hacks by the APT Cyberattack Groups: Hacks on them.

The thieving by Fidelity, JP Morgan, Vanguard, Merrill Lynch, Prudential & now Robin Hood go back many years: They treat their Customers so maliciously, the Companies use the Official Rules given to them by the governing offices: To justify kicking out the Customers those very Finance Companies have robbed, Robin Hood, Vanguard, Fidelity & JP Morgan, Bank of New York Pershing & Prudential target minorities & @DeptofDefense vets & fam: The front line of those Finance Companies do as they are told by a "back office" that is doing what they are told by Managers & Executives who conduct scams to rob Customers:

Those Managers & Execs don't realize they & all their Co-Workers are not properly defended from Cyberattacks to Cause just that: To harm both the Company and also hurt the Customers.

As it is companies such as Robinhood are currently turning off accounts maliciously & with prejudice; disallowing transfers & stealing, scamming Customers' funds they trusted Robinhood with. As Fidelity scams their Professionally Managed Customers & steals their cash: JP Morgan turns stocks off < $5 & Vanguard turned off 100,000+ stocks in April 2022 that Customers were allowed to buy at Vanguard: Scams, left, right, up & down, due to Cyberattacks against the Companies, to hurt the Public.

The Companies that are scamming will not and can not make a Company Rule: No Scamming & No Stealing.

Cyberattack software goes through their Offices, all the Data, all the Software & also all the Employees not just on one occasion: 24/7, to break those Companies, get them to steal & hurt the Public.

The Financial Positions the Companies are in, to cause them to scam are also caused by Cyberattacks: It's same with majority of Companies deep in debt & also @federalreserve trillions in debt.

Basically it is very possible that the current top APT Groups including US Gov APT Groups are Deep Faked themselves: The APT Groups stealing their work, are themselves, Deep Faked into doing that. Because the older hacks & older equivalents of APT Groups have not been: "Patched."

To recognize & understand Covert Cyberattacks, Computer Scientists & any Group needs to recognize that Cyberattacks operate at the fraction of a second: They can deploy "countermeasures" at the fraction of the second, in order to remain undetected.

To dismiss the fact that FTX was the result of Cyberattacks, is to falsely argue that a piece of software can not draw & maintain a square 24/7. A technology that now does multi-quintillion operations per second, can & does that, at will.

Those squares or rectangle coordinates can tag & track a Person & also use more advanced weaponry to misuse Biometric Data, in order to cause those elaborate scams: Like Bernie Madoff, Silk Road, FTX. The People themselves are not only Deep Faked, APT Software is able to wake them, cause drowsiness, engage them to interact with Software & Hardware at the fraction of the second: As well that ability is not new it is over 80 years old: The APT equivalents & APT Groups were not recognized & were not "Patched." Thus today, there are hacks in place that sound like Science Fiction & some refuse to believe: That math shows & proves beyond any doubt are indeed the result of Cyberattacks.

With Ross Ulbricht & Sam Bankman Fried the incidents that were hurtful & harmful were the result of Software to hurt them & their Clients. They are not only hacks using MYSTIC, then post 2016-or-so, Eternal Blue & Double Pulsar & Eternal Romance the Cybertools created by the US National Security Agency: They are the hacks responsible for the creation of those software, that were alleged stolen by Buckeye, then subsequently used in the Cyberattack on Merck that affected the People who worked in NYC, including SBF [$MRK hack was called "cyber nuclear attack" by Case Lawyers.]

The Silk Road Case & also Bernie Madoff Case & FTX Cases show that the State / Federal Offices are not Cybersecure, the Judges are not either: They should be & also the People: It is not right for Nations to Mass Incarcerate People due to the Actions of Software that are Cyberattacks designed to harm People. [example of complex software / hacking wares from early 1990s: That in particular are & were taken by other software / cyberattacks to wreak havoc, using designs from "Dark Avenger."]

Dark Avenger is simply one of the more prominent examples, of many. What is less often realized are the hacks that caused "Dark Avenger" and then the hacks upon their Software / Dark Avenger's "Engines". For more malicious purposes.

Basically, what those hacks are able to do are hack into anything from "tranceivers" to 5G / 6G tech, to televisions & IoT devices of pretty much any sort & turn them into devices able to deliver sonic / frequency weaponry that uses position locks on People that to Software are simply: Squares, rectangles, cubes, points that computer software generates & maintains with ease & Advanced Persistent Software attacks use for purposes of harming Companies, Employees & Customers.

They are Neural Network Based Cyberattacks Against The Entire Offices, Not Just the One Employee Who Perpetuates The Scams, & Fraud Within A Finance Company or Gov Office.

The good Computer Scientists are using Tech for good purposes & saving lives: While the "Threat Software" has two main purposes, to spy & attack.

Now a days "Engines" that are software & hardware: Hack both, with ease & use all that tech for harmful purposes. [example: article in reference to Dark Avenger Polymorphic Engine]

Simple, basic rules & old tech like a Pencil / Pen & Paper can reduce success of those Cyberattacks: The Company that enshrines & maintains a "No Scam" policy won't get hacked into doing that all day every day: Like Robin Hood, Vanguard, Fidelity, JP Morgan, Bank of New York Pershing, & also Merrill Lynch & Prudential do: They steal & scam because they do not use that Rule: And they are Cyberattacked to cause those Companies to harm & rob their Customers.

In addition to simple techniques, the Computer Science industry is using both Zero Trust & also Zero Trust and Blockchain in Cybersecurity that both defends & recognizes the Advanced Persistent Threat Cyberattacks. There does appear to be a lag in securing Utilities & Appliances that are easily hacked & able to be used as parts of Cyberattacks. Cybersecurity groups are able to use both the Blockchain & Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano & Solana & the successful Blockchains either individulally or together, in small amounts to defend against intrusion both into protected tech or those able to affect the tech so as to cause the equivalent.

Unfortunately now adays with both the actual Offices in Corp or Government & also the Tech it is safe to presume whatever can or could be "hacked": Is hacked. That gives some APT groups a tremendous amount of power: However the basic reports show beyond any doubt that the APT Groups are also themselves subject to 24/7 software from older & stronger Computer Science Groups: Time & time again the "Wanted Posters" for the APT Groups show a Person or Team thought to be the Cyberattackers who did it all: When they are the front line who are doing the bidding for back offices that are themselves not cybersecure. The newer tech defenses that use Basic Common Sense can shield People internationally from the malicious cyberattacks that are far more complex than they appear.


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